“… there is more to wine tourism than just visiting wineries … like vineyard horseback riding at Finca Las Lechuzas.”

Nani Arenas

laviajeraempedernida.com, Spain

“I happened to experience a delicious sunset at Finca Las Lechuzas .... It is a must.”

Paco Nadal

El Pais newspaper travel blog, Spain

“At Las Lechuzas one gets, at the same time, a pleasant ride, a wine education and a fantastic trip companion.”

David Sendra Domenech

Summa magazine

“It couldn’t have been better or more romantic! ... a compulsary stop on the Wine Road of Mendoza”

Claudia Barthel

Vivir Bien magazine, Panama

“To ride at a gentle pace through the vineyards, arrive at a winery and join a tasting is the proposal of Finca Las Lechuzas.”

Analine Cedillo

Reforma newspaper, Mexico

“…we are heading to Finca Las Lechuzas (and) here the experience was different.”

Carlos Alvarado